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Going further with
Programmatic Job Advertising

How well do you know Programmatic Job Advertising? Our experts tell you all about this innovative approach, and why market leaders have adopted it to boost their recruitment strategies.

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On our agenda:

  • 1️⃣ The evolution of Programmatic Job Advertising

    2️⃣ The 2 pillars of Programmatic Job Advertising: sourcing and HR communication

    3️⃣ The importance of getting support to harness the potential of Programmatic Job Advertising

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Golden Bees

At the crossroads of consulting and tech, Golden Bees - a subsidiary of Figaro Classifieds - is the first Programmatic Job Advertising agency in Europe. Founded in 2015, Golden Bees works to put HR at the heart of company performance, and provides media and technology consulting as well as HR data analysis. Golden Bees optimises the digitalisation and organisation of the recruitment chain for companies, enabling recruiters to improve the performance of their HR communication and sourcing strategy, regardless of their current or future partners. Our mission is simple yet essential: providing companies with a measurable and relevant ROI.